February 24, 2018
Wine Check

We always have music and, of course, the breathtaking views of Erie's Bayfront.

Here's how it works


Painless Purchasing!

  1. Buy stuff!

  2. Tell them you want it to go to wine check.

  3. Get your ticket - buy more stuff!

Purchase wine from your favorite vendor and instead of carrying it around ask to have it checked.

Unfortunately, we cannot check single bottles and have asked that you follow our two-bottle minimum.

The winery will tag your purchase with a wine-check ticket. One half of the ticket will go on your purchase and you will be given the other half. Keep this safe!

During the event, WOTL staff will visit each winery, collect purchased wines and place them in the wine check room near the entrance of the Bayfront Convention Center.

When you have finished making purchases and are ready to leave visit this wine check area, present your tickets and staff will collect your purchases.

If you need help loading purchases we have a drive-up area where we will help you load your vehicle.

Wine checking ends 30 minutes before event-ending time so we can get every purchase to the wine check room.

If you purchase anything after the deadline, you will need to carry them with you.






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